What Tools and Accessories Should You Keep in Your Car? 

It’s always better to prepare for the worst, whether you’re planning for a long or short journey, or just want to make sure you have the essentials for every scenario. Breakdowns are common and sometimes are unexpected, so it’s always good to be ready. Here is our list of 20 vital tools and accessories you should keep in your car:

Maintenance and Repairs

Empty fuel can – If you were to run out of fuel on the road, you could walk or catch a lift to the nearest petrol station to fill your fuel can.

Spare tyre and tyre jack – Some cars are now sold without a spare tyre, and it can be a shock to expect one and it not be there, so check you have one and you know how to change it.

Jump leads and battery pack – Avoid getting stranded after breaking down by bringing jump leads with you and preferably a portable battery pack, but if you don’t have a battery pack, you will need to rely on another vehicle.

User manual – Keep this in your glove box as this has all the information you’ll need about your car no matter what situation you get into while travelling.

Tool kit – Keep a basic tool kit in your car in case you find yourself needing a hammer, screwdriver, or spanner.

Duct tape – This is just a lifesaver! No matter if you have a smashed window, broken handle or boot, it can work as a temporary, but strong fix.

Safety and Personal Care

Jacket and boots – If you break down in harsh weather, you may have to walk to find help or push your car out if you get stuck.

Drinking water – Always helpful to keep one in your boot, whether that’s to stay hydrated or top up your car’s radiator.

Non-perishable snacks – Just in case you get hungry and you’re stuck away from services.

Hi-vis jacket – Very critical to ensure you can be seen by other motorists if you have to stand outside your vehicle in the dark.

First aid kit – These can be bought in full and for very cheap from any supermarket.

Swiss army knife – Purely for the practicality of a multi-tool which can help in many situations, whether you need a knife or a toothpick or nail file.

Map – Sometimes you can’t rely on technology and need to revert to old school ways if you get lost.

De-icer – Don’t drive in icy conditions, especially when you don’t have clear vision, and it minimises snapping a bank card when you’re most likely already in a frustrating situation.

Torch – If you bring a wind-up one too, you won’t have to worry about batteries.

Insurance and Legal Documents

Photocopies of your documents – There’s actually no legal requirements for you to carry these with you, but it’s a hassle when you get stopped by the police and you can’t find them or need to contact your insurance company.

Driving license – Better to have it with you, just in case you do get stopped by the police.

General Items

Phone charger – Especially if you use your phone as your sat nav, keeping it charged for communications purposes too is really important.

Cash – Be prepared for that unexpected toll or parking charge.

Umbrella – Protect yourself from the rain if you do need to venture out of your vehicle if you’ve stopped or broken down.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if you are travelling abroad, be aware of any local requirements before going, for example in France, it’s illegal to not carry hi-vis vests and spare bulbs.

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