ADAS Calibration

ADAS Camera Sensor Matrix Headlight Calibration Alignment Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale

Did you know… following any body repair, service or maintenance on your vehicle, your ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems may need calibrating to ensure their performance is not compromised?

Our Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, Derbyshire workshop is equipped with the latest manufacturer specific ADAS hardware and software equipment to calibrate and reset your vehicles ADAS cameras & sensors to manufacturer standards.

From car parking sensors, rear view cameras to assisted braking, WB Accident Repair Centre will ensure your vehicles Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are tested & calibrated following an accident.

Whether it’s 360 cameras and motion sensors to aid parking, or complicated systems like assisted braking and lane departure recognition, WBARC in Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale use specialist ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System calibration tools, equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies to ensure your vehicle is recalibrated correctly following an accident or repair.

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